As of this writing, you can still find off short sportbooks who use banks and processors who will let you use a credit card, or wire transfer. You have to shop around and ask questions. What you want to do is to look for sportbooks that accept deposits in their start-up accounts in the form of money orders or Western Union transfers. Set this up before you want to start betting. This is the account that you will bet off of.


The sportbook will take your losses 36 from this account. It is up to you to keep track of and replenish these accounts. Limit your deposits to $500 or so. Don’t give them everything at once. This is not immediate, but it’s still pretty quick. Plus it limits your risk. Ideally, these same sportbooks will pay out your winnings by mailing you a check or money order. Some may want to use Western Union and pay out to a bank account.


This should be a new separate account, not the one you have had since the 7 th grade. The sportbook can’t withdrawal from this account. They do that from the money order accounts that you set up with them. An ideal situation would be to have accounts with 3-4 sportbooks.