You don’t even know what numbers you have until the board is filled up. March madness brackets are distributed around offices and the same places that you will find Super Bowl boards. You try to predict the fate of 64+ teams. This is a little more skillful, but the combinations and possibilities make this play very difficult. If you want to have a little fun and not 33 spend a lot of time and money, then there is little harm in these bets, you might get lucky!


The winners usually get a portion of the pot, which is divided up accordingly. There is no bookie or house squeezing off any juice. The cops view this as harmless and generally don’t bust people, but the possibility remains. Anyone who has access to an unfiltered internet connection can now routinely, relatively easily bet on sporting events. There are dozens of off-shore sportbooks on the internet.

Some want you to use only credit cards, some want you to start an account with them and only want to credit your account when you win, forcing you to make withdrawals which isn’t always easy. Some sportbooks also offer regular casino gambling. Some internet sportbooks are scams offering deals that are too good to be true.