While the Indy 500 and some Lemans events are still big races, NASCAR is currently the top dog of auto racing in the sports gambling world. NASCAR seems to attract a wider spectrum of fans. I guess anyone who drives a car can relate. Also in the case of NASCAR, all the drivers’ names sound like someone you went to school with.


The cars are American – Ford, Dodge and Chevy, although lately Toyota has joined the fray. The most basic bet is simply picking the winner of a race. Most sportsbooks will list 15-20 drivers along with the rest of the field. First staple. Always use your own judgment. There are plenty of pundits and touts. Some will sell you their knowledge and predictions with a lot of hyperbole. You see basically the same things they see. If you’re interested and do your homework; if you watch games, pay attention and read a lot; if you form your own opinion and stick with it, you’ll be a lot better off.


You will still be wrong sometimes, but at least it was your calculated risk and not someone else’s. Do what is known as paper trading at first. Before wagering any real money, play or mock bet for a few weeks. Write down your bets and keep track of your record. See how you score, see if you would be winning or losing money. Once you’re comfortable, you can dive in.

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