Post 108766028589 Stuart Bogie and Andrea Diaz of Super Human

Most of society has no problem with gambling, but our government can act in strange ways sometimes. Did you know that Aljazeera, the vile Arab TV network, the propaganda spout for radical Islam, the TV network that mysteriously doesn’t know where their video tapes come from, the ones who inflame Arab hatred as a regular staple of their programming did you know that Aljazeera is headquartered right down the road from the American Military headquarters based in the Persian Gulf country of Qatar?


This is a double dealing agreement that the U.S. and Qatar governments have struck. We get to base our military hardware on their soil and for this we ignore their wanton spreading of Alqaeda propaganda. This is a lousy way to fight a war, but that’s how our government works sometimes. You might wonder why the cops would bother with illegal bookmaking when there is so much more serious violent crime going on.


There are some legitimate concerns however. Some will tell you that sports gambling is not a victimless crime. For one thing, people are making a lot of untaxed money. There are untold millions being bet with no tax being collected. The government doesn’t like this. There are cases where people will be extorted or blackmailed.