Having some fun with a classic with Ryan Miller from Guster jumping up for a verse - Radio Bean fun!


Improvising at Radio Bean, 5/16/14 with Eric Biondo, Andrea Diaz, Sam Levin, Mathew Scheiner and Stuart Bogie


Burlington brings us together

Superhuman Happiness just finished a wonderful weekend in Burlington, VT where we played two nights at the cozy and hospitable Radio Bean. This place is a testament to the role of arts in community. It’s very informal, like our shows, and is run by people that would probably be customers if they weren’t working that night. We sort improvised extensions to the sound system, with Matt Scheiner hooking up a double amp bass rig that grounded the dance party. The band played relaxed and free, with extended moments where I just closed my eyes and dug into the sound and rhythm of the unique artists in the room. I am lucky to play music with them.

You know you are in good hands when the owner and booking agent of the place are right there with you, smiling and moving, when the beat gets hot. I can’t say enough about how well Lee and Joe at Radio Bean treat Superhuman Happiness. Their enthusiasm inspires us and we can’t wait to get back to Burlington again!

These days we have been playing with Matt Scheiner, Andrea Diaz, Sam Levin, and of course the inimitable Eric Biondo. We are quickly becoming a family, what a pleasure it is to grow in friendship through music.

We had a fantastic stay that included a tour of the SoundToys offices. They have a beautiful collection of delays and all kinds of gear there. They hand out tissues for when the visiting recording geeks started to weep or drool. Fortunately for us the software they develop to model the hard ware is excellent, and for a small price a musician can access these sounds for their own creations. If you’ve heard anything done in that last 5 years - you probably have heard their software at work.

This Thursday we play Rough Trade in Williamsburg. Its a new venue with some heavy people coming through there this month - including Blondie! So I hope they leave some mojo on the walls and we can get that beat back for your ears.



The latest video: Second Heart. Director Tatiana McCabe and her team (also called Second Heart) have created an incredible series of wild animations. See more of their work here: http://www.secondheart.tv/who


SUIT UP!!! and check out our latest video edited by Tatiana McCabe!


Red Hot + FELA LIVE! (world premiere)featuring Tony Allen and Superhuman Happiness with Tunde Adebimpe, Baloji, Abena Koomson, Kronos Quartet, Kyp Malone, Sahr Ngaujah, Sinkane and Kalmia Traver of RubblebucketMusical Director: Stuart Bogie Superhuman Happiness: Music from How to Survive a Plague (world premiere)

Superhuman Happiness is going to be the anchor for the launch of Lincoln Center Out of Doors 2013. This means that we are going to be playing with TV On The Radio, Tony Allen, Kronos Quartet, etc…. On the same night we are going to be performing a suite of music from our “How To Survive A Plague” score with Kronos Quartet.
We are going to be playing a free show at Lincoln Center on May 2nd for FREE!!!

We are going to be playing a free show at Lincoln Center on May 2nd for FREE!!!


Glide Magazine's Review of "Hands"

"I triple-dog-dare you not to smile while listening to this album, let alone sing, clap and boogie should the mood strike you. This is the well-mixed margarita for the spring and summer to come, a delicious gulp of sunshine. Are you ready?"


Sentimental Pieces from Tatiana McCabe on Vimeo.

Our homemade video for Sentimental Pieces is out of the oven and on your plate! Take a piece. Directed by our own Stuart Bogie and shot and edited by Tatiana McCabe.




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